USH 2016 - Power of Unity

America fluctuates. Cultural shifts are imminent. Younger generations of Hispanics are looking at our past so they can write their future. “The Power of Unity” is a conceptual reinterpretation of our industry, in the eyes of our own creative force. A group of young talented art directors in the agency came together to write, direct and produce the concept and visuals for this year’s U.S.H. Idea Awards. Designs, videos, animations were 100% developed in-house, inspired by Synthwave retro-futuristic art expressions. ====================================== Client: USH Agency: Dieste Creative Director: Ciro Sarmiento Head of Art: Gustavo Zapata Art Direction: Jesse Echevarría, Rocío Ramirez, Nicholas Ross Motion Graphics: Nicole Hamilton, Irene Li Music: Saint Pepsi - Private Caller

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