Coca-Cola - Emoticoke

Coke Creates its First Emoji Web Address The international brand of happiness embraces the universal language of emotions: emojis. We called it Emoticoke: an innovative and easy way to attract Coke fans to visit our website, and a promotional platform as well. The idea is simple, substitute letters with emoticons of happiness. Emojis transcend culture and language barriers, becoming a global way of sharing and expressing emotions. What few people realize is that behind every emoji there is a line of code (Unicode). Coca-Cola registered URLs for every emoji that conveys happiness. Entering any of these happy icons into a mobile web browser lead users to Coca-Cola Puerto Rico’s website. Now Coca-Cola fans can use their favorite happy emojis to access the brand online community. Credits: Client: Coca-Cola Puerto Rico Agency: EJE Chief Creative Officer: Enrique Renta Executive Creative Director: Santiago Cuesta Associate Creative Director: Ricardo Uribe Copywriters: Santiago Cuesta, Ricardo Uribe, Juan Romero, Nuria De La Banda Art Director: Jesse Echevarria, Luis Figueroa VP Managing Partner: Edgardo Manuel Rivera Account Executive: Alexandra Ramírez PR Account Executive: Jennifer González Digital Director: Janette Robles Digital Planning: José Ramón González, Anadys Félix Programmer: Daniel Sáenz Video: Alejandro Ussa

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